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We know that the process of choosing a senior living community can be difficult. That’s why we’ve started putting together articles to make the decision easier. Whether you’re just getting started or about to make your final decision, we hope you’ll find resources here to help you make that next step. Even though our community is new, our Aqua Ridge of Montclair team is backed by decades of experience, and we’re confident we can help you or your loved one make the right decision.

Couple calculating their expenses.
Overcoming Loneliness as a Senior
September 14, 2023
Learn about how to overcome loneliness as a senior.
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Senior couple taking a walk in the mountains.
Navigating Anxiety and Depression in Seniors
August 8, 2023
Dealing with mental health issues as a senior.
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Woman using calculator and reading paper.
Elder Fraud: What is it and how can you prevent it?
July 25, 2023
Learn more about elder fraud and what can be done about it.
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Couple using computer and smiling at the camera.
Cost of Assisted Living: The Break Down
Jun 19, 2023
Learn about the costs of assisted living.
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Couple holding each other and smiling.
What is Assisted Living?
May 10, 2023
Learn more about senior care.
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When is it Time For Assisted Living?
April 6, 2023
Learn about when it might be time to consider a senior living home.
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Elderly women enjoying lunch together.
What is Memory Care?
March 2, 2023
Learn the ins and outs of memory care.
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Elderly couple enjoying breakfast together.
5 Ways To Keep Your Mind Healthy As You Age
February 22, 2023
Learn 5 key tips for keeping your mind right through the years.
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